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Junior Building, carved ornate plaster crown molding and cornice, first floor

Exterior Junior Building, Loyola College

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Junior Building, south facing façade: Senior dorm windows and statue of Blessed Mother and Infant Jesus

composite 14_46.jpg
Junior Building, north facing façade: stone carving on Parlor, and later Faculty Lounge windows

composite 11_12_31_42.jpg
Junior Building, north facing façade: detail of gargoyle above oval window and stone carving above windows at roof

composite 8_15_43.jpg
Junior Building, windows facing south from second floor chapel, detail of carved stone medallion (the A M would likely mean Ave Maria since it was near Our Lady’s Chapel)

composite 6_39_40_41.jpg
Stone gargoyles on tracery surrounding Junior Building

composite 5_19_28.jpg
Junior Building, west facing façade breezeway: Heraldic Shield surrounded by lions above French doors and carved stone urn above breezeway to left of French doors

composite 1_9_20_24_30_48.jpg
Junior Building, south facing façade: detail of roof dormers, towered roof and window stone carving

014Patrick Malone.jpg
Patrick G. Malone, S.J., President August 15, 1959 - August 16, 1974
Immediately after Patrick G. Malone, S.J., became President, the college began to expand rapidly in numbers. He began to turn his attention to the Junior Building which housed the…
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