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Loyola Beginnings 1898-1915

1907_Drummond St_juniors.jpg

In 1898 Loyola College took over the “Tucker School” at 68 Drummond Street. A new wing was constructed during the summer to house more classrooms and…

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Loyola Beginnings 1896-1898

1896-1897_Loyola College_Chapel.jpg

A four-page Prospectus published in 1896 by Gregory O’Bryan, S.J., who had been appointed to organize the new college in the former Sacred Heart…

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Loyola Beginnings 1848-1893

1893-94 Loyola First Hockey Team.jpg

Loyola’s rich and diverse history reaches back to the mid nineteenth century when, in 1848, a bilingual Jesuit Collège Classique was opened in what…

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Jesuits at Loyola

014Patrick Malone.jpg

In the Jesuit Tradition, a Rector had full responsibility over the local Jesuit apostolates/ministries. Rectors, and Vice Rectors, were always the…

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