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Jesuits at Loyola


In the Jesuit Tradition, a Rector had full responsibility over the local Jesuit apostolates/ministries. Rectors, and Vice Rectors, were always the Chair of the Corporation (Trustees) of Loyola College until 1969. After that, other Jesuits were appointed Chair of the Corporation (trustees); after 1975 the Superior of the Loyola Jesuit Community frequently was appointed Chair. According to Jesuit regulations, and as with a Rector, the Superior of the Loyola Jesuit Community maintains the over-all responsibility of the apostolate/ministry of the Director of the Apostolate, is responsible to the Superior. (footnote 64 p 85)

Because from 1896 to 1898 the Jesuits had not established a Jesuit Community for Loyola College, but were still part of Collège Sainte-Marie, O’Bryan was entitled “Minister”, or assistant to the Rector of Collège Sainte-Marie. (footnote 65 p 85)

Source for text: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High School, 2012

Source for photos: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

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Gregory O’Bryan, S.J.
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J., Minister August 15, 1896 - July 4, 1899

In 1896 Gregory O’Bryan S.J., was appointed to organize the new Loyola College in the former Sacred Heart Convent on St. Catherine Street. The Jesuits at Loyola College remained part…

William J. Doherty, S.J.
William Doherty, S.J., Superior July 4, 1899 - October 27, 1899

Father Doherty replaced Gregory O’Bryan who was in poor health.
Father Doherty’s own health broke down within the first few months and O’Bryan returned as the college’s first…

Arthur Edward Jones S.J.
Arthur E. Jones, S.J., Vice Rector June 23, 1901 - August 3, 1904
Arthur E. Jones, S.J. succeeded Gregory O’Bryan, S.J. as Vice Rector where he remained in office until 1904.

Photographer imprint recto: WM. NOTMAN & SON [ ...] …

Adrien Turgeon, S.J.
Adrian D. Turgeon, S.J., Vice Rector August 3, 1904 - August 7, 1905
Adrian D. Turgeon, S.J. replaced Arthur E. Jones, S.J. as Vice Rector but stayed in office for only one year.

Photographer imprint recto: EMILE LACAS […]
No date
Photograph –…

Gregory O’Bryan, S.J.
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J., Rector August 7, 1905 - June 6, 1907
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J. was appointed the College’s first Rector on August 7, 1905. On June 4, 1907, O’Bryan announced the establishment of “The Loyola College Old Boys’ Association”, which…

Alexander Gagnieur, S.J.
Alexander A. Gagnieur, S.J., Rector August 10, 1907 - May 4, 1913

No date
Photographic print, b & w snapshot
Photographer unknown

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

Thomas Joseph MacMahon, S.J.
Thomas J. MacMahon, S.J., Rector May 4, 1913 - August 5, 1917
Newly appointed Rector, Thomas MacMahon, S.J. engaged architects, Peden, McLaren and Murray, Associate, to plan for the proposed new campus on Sherbrooke Street in the west end of the…

Alexander Gagnieur, S.J.
Alexander Gagnieur, S.J., Rector August 5, 1917 - March 1, 1918

No date
Photographic print, b & w snapshot
Photographer unknown

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

John Milway Filion, S.J.
John M. Filion, S.J., Rector March 1, 1918 - July 1, 1918
Finances and debt were among the major concerns of the college’s officials during the opening two decades of the twentieth century. At times Loyola’s future seemed precarious, even bleak by…

William Hales Hingston, S.J.
William H. Hingston, S.J., Rector July 1, 1918 - July 31,1925
William H. Hingston, S.J., tackled Loyola’s biggest problem: its annual debt. He began to re-organize Loyola’s finances by organizing a fund-raising drive. By the time he left the…
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