Hockey at Loyola 1893-1950


Hockey at Loyola 1893-1950


Loyola has been a part of the Montreal landscape since 1848. Hockey has always been Montreal’s quintessential sport, inseparably connecting Loyola and hockey since its earliest days at Collège Sainte-Marie in September of 1848; its first photographed hockey team was in 1893. From winning City Championships for Loyola College and Loyola High School to playing House League at the High School and winning Class Championships, hockey continues to be Loyola’s great winter sport. The echoing cheers resound across 100 years of Loyola men and boys taking to the ice to play our great Canadian game.

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1893-94 St. Mary's College Hockey team
The first appearance of a Jesuit College team was at St. Mary’s in the winter of 1893. The extraordinarily talented team, under the coaching of Father Bernard Devlin, S.J., came to be recognized as the athletic pioneers of Loyola, many of whom went…

1904-05 Junior Amateur Hockey Association Senior Team
Back row: G. Murray (mgr), H. Armstrong, F. Kennedy, B. Dunphy, (coach).
Front row: Q. Baxter, E. McNichol, C. Power, R. Cloran, C. Doheny.
Front: J. Shee

1908 Loyola Junior Hockey Team
Back row: C. Carrier, G. Hudson, P. McKenna, M. Vidal
Middle row: R. Martin, A. Beck (capt.), F. MacDonald
Front row: J. Leahn, A. Robinson

1916 Loyola College Senior Hockey Team
Champions of the Junior Amateur Hockey Association of Canada

1916-17 Loyola College Junior Hockey Team
1916-17 Loyola College High School Junior hockey team

1917-18 Loyola College Senior Hockey Team
The College team was runner-up in the Montreal City League in 1917-18, playing off for the Championship with McGill University Seniors.
Standing: C. Trihey, S. McDonald, Mr. F.J. McDonald, S.J., Slater, Mowatt
Seated: J. Hough, McGee, G.…

1918 Loyola College Hockey Team
left to right: Ted Walsh, J. McGarry, H. McGarr, H. Decary, M.J. O’Brien, J. O’Halloran, P. Wickham

1920 Loyola College Hockey Team
left to right: P. Wickham, J. McGarry, G. Anglin, L. Bernard, W. Scott, T. Whalen, L. Kelly

1921-22 Senior Hockey Team
Back Row: R. Malloy, T. Shibley, D. Smith (coach), W. King, E. Brady, Bill Kerr (trainer), E. Coughlin
Front Row: Valois, Taylor, R. McMahon, Cole, C. McDonald, C. Trihey, J. Sauvé

1921-22 Loyola College High School Hockey Team
1921-22 Loyola College High School hockey team
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