Loyola Men and World War 1


Loyola Men and World War 1


In 1915 Loyola College had been in existence for only nineteen years. “Loyola in those days was a relatively young institution (founded in 1896) whose small student body no doubt accounts for the intimacy with which old boys kept in touch with one and other and with the school itself. The many letters reprinted in the yearbook of 1915 reflect a firmness of purpose ranging from youthful and naïve invincibility to dutiful determination. What is now referred to as the jungle telegraph kept people in the home front abreast of the human side of the war, both good and bad. The death of one Loyola man rippled through the lines so that when the news reached the school it was frequently accompanied by words of consolation from schoolmates who, though perhaps not even serving in the dead man’s unit had taken the time to get the details in order to offer comfort to the bereaved family. There was unquestionable acceptance of the possibility of death and if it came, it was always with the resignation and the conviction that the call to duty had been faithfully answered”. Thirty seven Loyola men would die in the service of their country by the end of the war on November 11, 1918. (Drolet 5)

In the 1919 Loyola College Review, the final Honor Roll was published in remembrance of the Loyola Old Boys who served in the Great War from 1914-1918. The editors made every effort to publish the names of all those Old Boys who were on the Active Service List, although the list “is unavoidably incomplete and inaccurate in many details.” Loyola Review 1919 17


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Loyola College Review 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919
Roll of Honor: Loyola College Review 1919 16-22


1914 - 1918

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2684048 Trooper William Alexander Pearson
2684048 Trooper William Alexander Pearson, 1st Canadian Tank Battalion, died November 28 1918

Trooper Wm. Alexander Pearson was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Pearson, of Buckingham, Que., where he was born in 1890. He attended the Christian…

Serjeant Glendyn Lionel Cloran
Serjeant Glendyn Lionel Cloran, US Army Machine Gun School, died December 9, 1918

Glendyn Lionel Cloran was a Montrealer by birth and education. His father was the late Mr. Michael M. Cloran and his mother, formerly Miss Harriet Brady of New…

Ernest Thomas Conroy
Ernest Thomas Conroy, 42nd Wing, Royal Air Force, died October 12, 1918

Thomas Emmet Conroy, fourth son of Mr. Thomas Conroy and Mary A. Smith, was born at Montreal, 27th October, 1895.
In 1906 he entered Loyola College where he pursued his…

Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy
Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy, Cadet Wing Royal Air Force, died October 11, 1918

Paul S. Conroy was the son of Mr. T. Conroy and Mrs. Conroy, (nee Mary A. Smith) of 48 St. Louis Square, Montreal. He came to Loyola in 1900 and graduated with the…

Private Desmond Gladstone O’Boyle
Private Desmond Gladstone O’Boyle, 58th Battalion, killed October 1, 1918

Desmond Gladstone O’Boyle was born at Schreiber, Ont., on October 1, 1894. He attended the Sacred Heart School at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., passing his Entrance Examinations…

2134963 Private Howard Henry Farley
2134963 Private Howard Henry Farley, 14th Battalion, killed September 2, 1918

Pte. Howard Farley was a student at Loyola for two years from 1911 to 1913. Afterwards he followed the Science Course at McGill, but enlisted voluntarily after his…

Lieutenant Roger Horace Lelièvre
Lieutenant Roger Horace Lelièvre, 22nd Battalion killed, August 31, 1918
Loyola College Review 1919 20 (*not listed on Roll of Honor but is in Active Service list)

Lieutenant Roger Horace Lelièvre came to Loyola in 1907. He joined the army in…

Lieutenant Louis Rodolphe Lemieux
Lieutenant Louis Rodolphe Lemieux 22nd Battalion died August 29, 1918

Lieutenant Rodolphe Lemieux (Roddy) was born in Montreal on the 27th of April, 1989, came to Loyola in 1906, where he remained for three years. He was a successful pupil,…
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