Loyola High School War Memorials and Commemorations


Loyola High School War Memorials and Commemorations


In the Tower of Merit of the main entrance foyer of Loyola High School is a memorial plaque remembering the Loyola Boys who made the ultimate sacrifice in The Great War, 1914-1918.

On November 11, 2005, on the lawn outside the main entrance of the High School on Sherbrooke Street, a War Memorial was installed and dedicated to the thirty-seven young men who fell in the First World War.
“The large trees on Sherbrooke Street in front of Loyola now cast shadows of special memories. As late as 1922, Sherbrooke Street, from WestHill Avenue westward, was relatively bare of house and trees. It was decided to make it a “Road of Remembrance.” Hundreds of maple trees were planted to line both sides of the street in memory of those who gave their lives in the First World War. The thirty-six trees which now directly face Loyola were set apart, each one to grow with individual honour to the thirty-six Loyola Old Boys who made the supreme sacrifice.”
They were planted as saplings and tended with care for their first years. Each tree grew in a widen cradle about four feet high, wired and protected inside by burlap, and bearing a metal tablet with the name, rank and details of the death of the Old Boy. Each inscription was similar to one inscribed for Terry McGovern of Port Arthur, one of the first graduated to fall:
In memory of Arthur L. McGovern Capt. 28th Bn C.E.F.
Killed in action at Hooge, Belgium, June 6th, 1916.
(Loyola and Montreal, Tim Slattery, 1962)


Loyola and Montreal, Tim Slattery, 1962
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Commemoration: Lieutenant John Howe
John Howe (Loyola 1904) of the 4th Battalion, was killed April 25, 1916. Due to an error, his name was not included on the WW1 War Memorial in the Tower of Merit, nor was a 37th tree planted in his honor. A photo of him appears in the Tower of Merit…

Commemoration: Private Léo LeBoutillier
Léo Belleau LeBoutillier (Loyola 1911) of the 24th Battalion, died on April 18th, 1917. His medals, earned in WW1, were donated to Loyola High School by a family member. They are displayed with his photo in the Tower of Merit of Loyola High…

Loyola High School Interior and Exterior War Memorials
Inscription on exterior War Memorial:


In 1922, hundreds of Maple trees were planted along Sherbrooke Street in Notre-Dame-de Grace to commemorate the young men who died in the “War to end all Wars.” The stretch of…
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