Loyola Men and World War II


Loyola Men and World War II


Loyola’s military record is one of which we can be proud. In World War I, from 1914-1918, Loyola was in its tender years yet contributed nearly 300 to the Canadian forces from the ranks of its students and alumni.
Loyola’s record in World War II was worthy of its best traditions. Fifty-six Loyola men were killed in action. Their heroic sacrifice was made that justice and peace might prevail. It was neither adventure nor bravado that prompted them to leave loved ones and home and Canada. It was the conviction that the time had come for all men of courage to rally in the cause of the right. They hoped to live; they went prepared to die. They gave their lives that other men might live. Neither sentiment nor platitude can restore them to us or to their young families. Unyielding fidelity to Christian principles in our personal, national and international lives can alone make sure they have not died in vain.
The total of all ranks who served is difficult to accurately compute. Those Loyola men who enlisted in Montreal were easier to track, but our students came from the whole of Canada, Newfoundland and the United States. A moderate estimate, based on careful research, would put the number between 1200 and 1500. This total includes one Rear Admiral, one Major-General, one Air Vice-Marshal, one Brigadier, at least one Group Captain, twelve Colonels and Lieut. Colonels, several Wing Commanders, Naval Commanders, Majors and a long list of other officers. Loyola is proud of her sons. Their record will remain an inspiration for generations of students yet to come.


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Loyola College Review 1940 to 1946



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John Berchmans Maguire
Guardsman, died 14 April 1945
On 14 April 1945, a little more than three weeks before the end of the fighting in Europe, B149386 Guardsman John Berchmans Maguire, 27, of the Governor General's Foot Guards (21st Canadian Armoured Regiment) was the…

Thomas Edward Murphy
Flight Sergeant Wireless/Air Gunner, died 26 February 1945
R189753 Flight Sergeant Wireless/Air Gunner Thomas Edward Murphy of 224 Squadron RAF disappeared while on anti-submarine patrol off the coast of Sweden on 26 February 1945. He has no known…

2nd Lieutenant, Date of Death unknown
It was not possible to trace the date or circumstances of his death since he died while serving with the American Army and attempts to secure documentation were thwarted by the fact that water damage had…

Robert Emmet O’Connell
Flying Officer, died 3 February 1945
J43904 Flying Officer Robert Emmet O'Connell of 145 Squadron RCAF was 32 when he was declared missing, presumed dead 3 February 1945 after failing to return from flying operations. He has no known grave but is…

Donald Bernard MacNeil
Flight Lieutenant (Pilot), died 15 January 1945
J10262 Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) Donald Bernard MacNeil, 26, was a member of 19 Squadron RAF. He was flying P-51 Mustang FB131 when he was shot down over Issum in the Ruhr Valley on 15 January 1945.…

William Joseph Allison
Flight Lieutenant (Air Bomber), died 20 November 1944
On 20 November 1944, Flight Lieutenant (Air Bomber) William Joseph Allison (J20861), 28, was killed when the Wellington bomber MF509 in which he was flying crashed returning from operations.…

George Edwin John Clacy
Lieutenant, died 27 October 1944
October 27th, 1944 was the day on which Lieutenant George Edwin John Clacy of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons (18th Armoured Car Regiment), a part of II Canadian Corps, was killed. At the time, his unit was heavily…

Bernard Joseph Slattery
Lieutenant, died 10 October 1944
Several other units were involved in the fierce struggle for the Leopold Canal one of which was the Regina Rifles of Canada. Lieutenant Bernard Joseph Slattery had just joined the Reginas after serving with the…

William Noel Barclay
Lieutenant, died 6 October 1944
On 6 October 1944, Lieutenant William Noel Barclay, 25, of the Royal Montreal Regiment (First Canadian Army H.Q. Defence Battalion) was killed during the fighting for the Leopold Canal in Belgium. The RMR's War Diary…
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