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  • Collection: 2004-2008 7272 Sherbrooke St. New Wing, Atrium, Theatre

1_march 2004_atrium construction.jpg
Construction begins on the three-story new wing, view facing south from Sherbrooke Street.

2_may 2004_atrium construction.jpg
Atrium construction begins. On the left is the existing high school building.

Three-story construction of new wing classrooms, facing West Broadway.

4_june construction.JPG
View looking toward Sherbrooke St., existing building in background, three-story new wing in foreground.

5_june construction.JPG
Construction on West Broadway entrance to Atrium, classrooms and Theatre

8_construction sept (2).jpg
Interior view of Atrium and new wing classroom corridors

9_construction sept.jpg
Construction nears completion on exterior of three-story classroom addition.
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