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  • Collection: Exterior Architectural Detail of Junior Building, Loyola College

Composite towers.jpg
Junior Building, north façade, chimneys and carved stonework on window

Exterior Junior Building, Loyola College

composite 34_36.jpg
Junior Building, east facing façade: Main entrance to Junior Building and stone carving of Loyola Coat of Arms above doors

composite 33_33a_45.jpg
Junior Building, side entrance: niche above side entrance and carving of AMDG (ad maiorem Dei gloriam) under niche

composite 22_23.jpg
Junior Building, south facing façade: Senior dorm windows and statue of Blessed Mother and Infant Jesus

composite 14_46.jpg
Junior Building, north facing façade: stone carving on Parlor, and later Faculty Lounge windows

composite 11_12_31_42.jpg
Junior Building, north facing façade: detail of gargoyle above oval window and stone carving above windows at roof

composite 8_15_43.jpg
Junior Building, windows facing south from second floor chapel, detail of carved stone medallion (the A M would likely mean Ave Maria since it was near Our Lady’s Chapel)

composite 6_39_40_41.jpg
Stone gargoyles on tracery surrounding Junior Building

composite 5_19_28.jpg
Junior Building, west facing façade breezeway: Heraldic Shield surrounded by lions above French doors and carved stone urn above breezeway to left of French doors
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