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Lieutenant John Howe bio_portrait.jpg
John Howe (Loyola 1904) of the 4th Battalion, was killed April 25, 1916. Due to an error, his name was not included on the WW1 War Memorial in the Tower of Merit, nor was a 37th tree planted in his honor. A photo of him appears in the Tower of Merit…

Pte Leo LeBoutilier_medals_announcements copy.jpg
Léo Belleau LeBoutillier (Loyola 1911) of the 24th Battalion, died on April 18th, 1917. His medals, earned in WW1, were donated to Loyola High School by a family member. They are displayed with his photo in the Tower of Merit of Loyola High…

WW1_ Memorials_Inter_Exter.jpg
Inscription on exterior War Memorial:


In 1922, hundreds of Maple trees were planted along Sherbrooke Street in Notre-Dame-de Grace to commemorate the young men who died in the “War to end all Wars.” The stretch of…
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