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Lieutenant Thomas Sargent Owens, 38th Battalion, died August 11, 1918

Lieut. Thomas Sargent Owens was the only son of Thomas P. Owens, chief editor of the Hansard staff at Ottawa, and shortly before going overseas was married to Dorothy, youngest…

458430 Private Alexander Stewart Barnston, 87th Battalion, killed August 9, 1918
Private Alexander Barnston was a son of the late Alexander Stuart Barnston of the Montreal Stock Exchange and the grandson of the late George Barnston, chief factor of…

Reginald Basil Hingston Sr., 24th Battalion, killed August 8, 1918

Lieutenant Reginald Basil Hingston was the third son of the late Sir William Hingston M.D., and Lady Hingston. Basil Hingston was one of the original Loyola College boys. He…

Lieutenant Guy Palardy, 62nd Squadron, Royal Air Force, died May 7,1918

Lieutenant Guy Palardy of the 62nd Squadron R.A.F. was the son of Dr. Hector Palardy, District Health Inspector for the Superior Board of Health. He received the greater part…

1940 Corporal Leo M. Shortall, 1st Battalion, died April 29,1918

Leo Shortall came to Loyola in 1913. At college he was a congenial companion and made many friends for himself during his short stay, friends who will not soon forget his kind and…

Major Temple William Faber Macdonald, 5th Seige Battery, Canadian Garrison Artillery, died April 2, 1918

Major Temple Macdonald comes from a family well known in Prince Edward Island. He followed the English Course at St. Mary’s and afterwards…

Edward Joseph Dwyer, 25th Battalion, killed December 10, 1917

Edward was a student at Loyola College from 1898 to 1900. He entered the Militia early in life and served there for many years, being advanced from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain. On…

Corporal Daniel Stanton Hudson, MM 12th Company, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, killed November 14, 1917.

When Stanton Hudson’s name appeared on the list of Canadian casualties, Loyola mourned the loss of a true Catholic gentleman and a loyal…

63385 Private Donald Alexander MacArthur, 21st Battalion, killed November 3 / 4, 1917

Donald MacArthur, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. MacArthur, was born in Alexandria, Ont. in 1898. He received his early education in the local Separate School, the…

Captain Melvin Ohio Johnson, 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles, killed October 30, 1917
Captain Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Johnson, was born in Boston in 1895, and came to Loyola in 1903. Later on, after leaving Loyola, he was employed in his…
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