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Corporal Adrian McKenna 65698 24th Battalion, killed January 19, 1916
Adrian McKenna came to Loyola in 1905. He entered the class of Latin Rudiments and was soon a favourite with his classmates and the other boys in the College. He remained at…

Lieutenant John Howe 4th Battalion, killed April 25, 1916
Lieutenant John Howe was the second of the Loyola Old Boys to give his life for the Empire. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Howe and a grand-nephew of Joseph Howe, Maritime…

Private Joseph Herbert Butler MG/129 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, killed between June 2 and June 4, 1916
Joseph Herbert Butler entered Loyola College in 1911. The 2nd University Company, Canadian Expeditionary Force welcomed Private…

Major Gregory Francis Nagle, 3rd Battalion, died August 17, 1916
Gregory Francis Nagle was born in Ottawa in 1890, and came to Montreal with his parents in 1903 where he attended Loyola for two years. He was afterwards for several years connected…

Captain John Parnell Walsh, 2nd Battalion Medical Officer, died August 17, 1916
Captain John P. Walsh was the first of Loyola’s pioneers to give his life for the Empire. He came to Loyola College in 1896 and entered the class of Rudiments in the old…

Lieutenant Francis Clarence McGee, 21st Battalion, killed September 16, 1916
Frank McGee was at St. Mary’s College in the English Course, about twenty years ago (1896). We are proud to include him among our fallen heroes. (Loyola College Review…

Captain Francis Gordon Maguire, 2nd Battalion, killed September 21, 1916
Francis Maguire was born in New Carlisle, P.Q., on October 3rd, 1886, the son of the late G.F. Maguire and Isabella Patton. He was educated at Loyola and graduated with the…

Lieutenant Wilfred Charles Percy Sullivan, 43rd Battalion, Canadian Highlanders, killed October 8, 1916
Wilfred Sullivan was a member of the English Course at St. Mary’s before Loyola was founded. He left in 1898, and resided for some time in San…

Lieutenant George Fraser Macdonald, 50th Battalion, killed November 18, 1916
Lieut. MacDonald, who was the second son of Lieut-Col. A.G.F. Macdonald, of Alexandria, O.C. 154th Battalion, and Mrs. Macdonald (née Eugénie Hubert), was born in…

Lieutenant James Henry Grant, 102nd Battalion, died December 20, 1916
James Grant was born in Belleville, Ont., but the greater part of his boyhood was spent in Nelson, B.C. He came to Montreal in 1907 and was a student at Loyola for two years, one…
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