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1915 construction_Loyola College Refectory_Jr Bldg.jpg
Construction is almost complete on the Loyola College Refectory Building and Junior Building.

1915 construction Refectory bldg_2.jpg
Construction progresses on the Loyola College Refectory Building

1915 construction rear of Refect bldg.jpg
Rear of the Refectory Building. Excavation for the new buildings, Refectory Building, Junior Building and Administration Building, of Loyola College at the west end of Sherbrooke St. began on September 23, 1913, and three months later all theā€¦

1898-1915_68 Drummond st.jpg
Due to increasing enrollment, in 1898 Loyola moves from 2084 St. Catherine Street to 68 Drummond Street in the former Tucker School, where they will remain until 1915.
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