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General view of buildings, Loyola College, Montreal
Administration Building, Refectory Building, Junior Building

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Rear View of Buildings from Campus, Loyola College, Montreal
Junior Building, Refectory Building, Administration Building

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One of the Cloisters, Loyola College, Montreal, leading from the Refectory Building to the Junior Building.

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Circa 1916
Loyola High School Reception Room, Loyola College, Montreal

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Junior Boys’ Dining Room, Junior Building, Loyola College, Montreal

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Corridor to Parlor and President’s Office, Junior Building, Loyola College, Montreal

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Junior and Refectory Buildings, Loyola College, Montreal

1916_admin bldg 1st story.jpg
1916 Administration Building, Loyola College, construction of first floor. In 1921 the building was raised to three stories and in 1927 the Tower was added, completing the building.
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