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Gain_PO Sarto '27.jpg
Pilot Officer, died 7 December 1941,
The last Loyola fatality of 1941 occurred on the same day the Japanese attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On December 7th, 1941 J5043 Pilot Officer John George Sarto Gain of 274 (RAF) Squadron…

1927_Jr High Hockey.jpg
1927 Loyola High School Junior Hockey Team

1927_stadium_jr bldg.jpg
1927 Aerial view of the Loyola College Old Boys’ Stadium with the Junior Building in the foreground.

1927_rear view_refect_jr_admin bldgs.jpg
1927 Rear, north side of Loyola College campus. To the left is the Junior Building and to the right is the Refectory Building. Behind the Refectory Building is the tower of the Administration Building.

1927_admin bldg 4.jpg
1927 Administration Building, Loyola College

1927_admin bldg 3.jpg
In June of 1914, construction began on the Administration Building of Loyola College, as well as the Junior Building and Refectory Building. Considered one of the finest college buildings of its generation, the architecture was a Tudor and English…

1927_admin bldg 2.jpg
1927 Administration Building, Loyola College

1927_admin bldg 1.jpg
1927 Detail of Administration Building, Loyola College
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