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22_comedy tragedy_fc smith_maclean centre.jpg
Bronze plaque on the right is installed on the exterior wall of the Centre Eric Maclean, S.J. Centre for the Performing Arts. The plaque was inspired by the stonework mask (left) of Comedy and Tragedy above the F.C. Smith Auditorium entrance below…

21_theatre sign_2008.JPG
Bronze Plaque of the masks of Comedy and Tragedy to the right of the Centre Eric Mclean, S.J.
On Sunday, March 2, 2008, the Loyola High School Centre for the Performing Arts was named after Father Eric MacLean, S.J.,’60. Father Maclean had a…

Sunday, December 4, 2005, Dedication of the Bishop’s Atrium plaque by Bishop Anthony Mancini, Montreal’s Auxiliary Bishop. On the left is Father Eric Maclean, S.J.

19_bishops' atrium plaque.JPG
The Bishops’ Atrium plaque in the Atrium of Loyola High School.
On Sunday December 4, 2005 the plaque was dedicated to the five clergymen who have served as Montreal’s English Auxiliary Bishops.

18_auditorium 03.JPG
On Sunday, December 4, 2005, Father Leonard Altilia, S.J. presides over the inaugural Mass in the new theatre.

17-theatre entrance complete.jpg
Centre for the Performing Arts, entrance, facing West Broadway completed.

16b-aud winter 2005.JPG
Student Assembly in Parterre of Centre for the Performing Arts.

16a_aud winter 2005.jpg
Student Assembly in Centre for the Performing Arts, balcony view.

14_weight room_lengvari.jpg
In 2005 when the new wing of Loyola High School opened, one of its popular additions was a weight room. The generosity of George Lengvari ’59, helped furnish the room with state-of-the-art equipment. In October, 2006 the room was named the…
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