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Composite towers.jpg
Junior Building, north façade, chimneys and carved stonework on window

composite 5 12 13.jpg
Junior Building, second floor corridor facing east, first floor corridor, second floor corridor

composite 1 9 11.jpg
Junior Building, oak vaulted ceiling and oak surround, second floor Chapel

composite 10 15.jpg
Junior Building, right of front entrance stairway, oak paneled walls and balustrade

composite 18 19.jpg
Junior Building, breezeway from Junior Building to Refectory Building

composite 22 23.jpg
Junior Building, view of inside front entrance and detail above interior front entrance

composite 4 6 24.jpg
Junior Building, ornate cast iron balusters and newel post, staircase to second floor

composite 3 7 16.jpg
Junior Building, carved ornate plaster crown molding and cornice, first floor

Exterior Junior Building, Loyola College
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