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1915 construction_Loyola College Refectory_Jr Bldg.jpg
Construction is almost complete on the Loyola College Refectory Building and Junior Building.

1916_Loyola College Campus rear 2.jpg
1916 Rear, north side, of Loyola College campus. To the left is the Junior Building and to the right is the Refectory Building. Behind the refectory building is the 1st story of the Administration Building.

1916_Junior building front entrance.jpg
1916 front door of Junior Building

1916-17_first student body.jpg
In the fall of 1916 the student body and faculty gathered outside the beautiful English Collegiate Gothic buildings of Loyola College at 7141 Sherbrooke Street West. It had taken years of vision, planning and trust as the College moved from theā€¦

Jr bldg_front view 3 1920 circa.jpg
Circa1920, front of Junior Building with Refectory Building in rear, right

1922_Loyola_two hockey rinks yearbk.jpg
1922 Two outdoor hockey rinks on the south side of the Junior Building of Loyola College. In the distance are houses on Belmore Avenue, N.D.G.
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