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011_Edward Michael Brown.jpg
Edward M. Brown, S.J., Rector July 11, 1940 - July 4, 1948
Edward M. Brown, S.J., was a skillful administrator and fund-raiser with a pragmatic bent, and the financial status of Loyola soon began to better.
In 1941 he founded the Loyola Mothers’…

013_Gerald Francis Lahey.jpg
Gerald F. Lahey, S.J., Rector June 17, 1954 - August 15, 1959
Some thought began to be given during the late 50’s of physically separating the high school from the college. As the focus seemed to be more on developing the college, not much became of…

005_Alexander Gagnieur.jpg
Alexander A. Gagnieur, S.J., Rector August 10, 1907 - May 4, 1913

No date
Photographic print, b & w snapshot
Photographer unknown

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

006_Thomas Joseph MacMahon.jpg
Thomas J. MacMahon, S.J., Rector May 4, 1913 - August 5, 1917
Newly appointed Rector, Thomas MacMahon, S.J. engaged architects, Peden, McLaren and Murray, Associate, to plan for the proposed new campus on Sherbrooke Street in the west end of the…

008_William Hales Hingston.jpg
William H. Hingston, S.J., Rector July 1, 1918 - July 31,1925
William H. Hingston, S.J., tackled Loyola’s biggest problem: its annual debt. He began to re-organize Loyola’s finances by organizing a fund-raising drive. By the time he left the…

009_Erle Gladstone Bartlett.jpg
Erle Gladstone Bartlett, S.J., Rector July 31, 1925 - August 9, 1930
When Erle G. Bartlett S.J., succeeded William Hingston in 1925, the future looked hopeful for the school. The prosperity and general optimism of those years, together with the…

010_Hugh Charles McCarthy.jpg
Hugh C. McCarthy, S.J., Rector July 15, 1935 - July 11, 1940
In 1935, Hugh McCarthy, S.J., had become Rector. His main task had been to pay-down the enormous debt load of Loyola. He established a Maintenance Fund Campaign in the hope that Loyola…

012_John Francis McCaffrey.jpg
John F. McCaffrey, S.J., Rector July 4, 1948 - June 17, 1954

Inscription hand-written in pen and ink verso: Fr. John F. McCaffrey S.J. / Midland Shrine / background
In black marker verso: c. 1960

Circa 1960
Photographic print – b &…

005alexander A gagnieur_1917-18.jpg
Alexander Gagnieur, S.J., Rector August 5, 1917 - March 1, 1918

No date
Photographic print, b & w snapshot
Photographer unknown

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

006Thomas McMahon 1930-35.jpg
Thomas J. MacMahon, S.J., Vice Rector August 9, 1930 – July 15, 1935
All the great confidence in the future evaporated with The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929. Thomas MacMahon was again called upon to lead Loyola, this time as Vice Rector. The…
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