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004_Adrien TurgeonSJ.jpg
Adrian D. Turgeon, S.J., Vice Rector August 3, 1904 - August 7, 1905
Adrian D. Turgeon, S.J. replaced Arthur E. Jones, S.J. as Vice Rector but stayed in office for only one year.

Photographer imprint recto: EMILE LACAS […]
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002_William J Doherty SJ.jpg
William Doherty, S.J., Superior July 4, 1899 - October 27, 1899

Father Doherty replaced Gregory O’Bryan who was in poor health.
Father Doherty’s own health broke down within the first few months and O’Bryan returned as the college’s first…

001_Gregory O’Bryan S.J..jpg
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J., Minister August 15, 1896 - July 4, 1899

In 1896 Gregory O’Bryan S.J., was appointed to organize the new Loyola College in the former Sacred Heart Convent on St. Catherine Street. The Jesuits at Loyola College remained part…

001gregory o'bryan_1905-07.jpg
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J., Rector August 7, 1905 - June 6, 1907
Gregory O’Bryan, S.J. was appointed the College’s first Rector on August 7, 1905. On June 4, 1907, O’Bryan announced the establishment of “The Loyola College Old Boys’ Association”, which…

014Patrick Malone.jpg
Patrick G. Malone, S.J., President August 15, 1959 - August 16, 1974
Immediately after Patrick G. Malone, S.J., became President, the college began to expand rapidly in numbers. He began to turn his attention to the Junior Building which housed the…

003_Arthur Edward Jones.jpg
Arthur E. Jones, S.J., Vice Rector June 23, 1901 - August 3, 1904
Arthur E. Jones, S.J. succeeded Gregory O’Bryan, S.J. as Vice Rector where he remained in office until 1904.

Photographer imprint recto: WM. NOTMAN & SON [ ...] …

007_John Milway Filion.jpg
John M. Filion, S.J., Rector March 1, 1918 - July 1, 1918
Finances and debt were among the major concerns of the college’s officials during the opening two decades of the twentieth century. At times Loyola’s future seemed precarious, even bleak by…

1896_Loyola College St Cathrine St_logo.jpg
Address Card of Loyola College, 2084 St. Catherine St.
The English sector of St. Mary’s College separates and moves into the old Sacred Heart Convent at 2084 St. Catherine, St. on the south-east corner of St. Catherine St. and de Bleury. It becomes…
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