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central bldg exter 2.jpg
Exterior, Central Building, Loyola College, west side, date unknown

composite 8.jpg
Junior Building, Stained glass window, Chapel, second floor

1913_Loyola College Block Plan.jpg
Plan showing the construction of the Administration Building, the Refectory Building and the Junior Building of Loyola College, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W.

1913_Loyola College_Architects plan_1.jpg
Close up of the architectural plans drawn up by architects, Peden, McLaren and Walter Murray, Associate for the land at 7141 Sherbrooke St. W. future home of Loyola College.

1913_Loyola College_Architects plan_2.jpg
In 1913 Loyola hired the architects Peden, McLaren and Walter Murray, Associate, to draw up plans for the farm land at the west end of Sherbrooke Street, purchased in January, 1900 by Gregory O’Bryan S.J. and John C. Coffee S.J.

1915 construction rear of Refect bldg.jpg
Rear of the Refectory Building. Excavation for the new buildings, Refectory Building, Junior Building and Administration Building, of Loyola College at the west end of Sherbrooke St. began on September 23, 1913, and three months later all the…

1915_Loyola construction_administration bldg.jpg
Construction continues on the Loyola College Administration Building. With gargoyles around the parapet, tracery and heraldic shields, the Tower was designed to have four octagonals with a large oval window in the center. The main doorway to the…

1915 construction_Loyola College Refectory_Jr Bldg.jpg
Construction is almost complete on the Loyola College Refectory Building and Junior Building.

1915 construction Refectory bldg_1.jpg
Construction continues on the Loyola College Refectory Building.
In keeping with the Tudor and Early Renaissance type of English Collegiate Gothic, the walls were to be of brick, faced with matt surface Greendale bricks, trimmed with Indiana…

1915 construction Refectory bldg_2.jpg
Construction progresses on the Loyola College Refectory Building
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