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Since its beginnings as Collège Ste. Marie, Loyola has been a part of, and helped to shape, Montreal's rich and diverse culture. Those who visit Loyola remark on its warmth, inclusion, and sense of being part of its spirit.
Loyola of Montreal:…

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This book tells the story, in a brief fashion, of the remarkable history of Loyola High School, Montreal, and of some of the colourful individuals who have been associated with it over time. One of the pre-eminent secondary educational institutions…

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Old Montreal appears throughout in her rich, primary colours – with the early Irish, the generous Italians, the plague of ship fever, the sacrifices of the Sulpicians, the beginnings of St Patrick’s and St. Ann’s, the Gavazzi Riot, the Guibord…

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Paul Donovan Principal 2005 - 2014

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Keith Fitzpatrick Principal 2000 - 2005

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Patrick Dubee Principal 1995 - 2000

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Francis R. Obrigewitsch, S.J. Principal 1986 - 1995
Francis R. Obrigewitsch, S.J. was the last Jesuit principal of Loyola High School.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal:…

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Leonard J. Altilia, S.J. Principal 1981 - 1986

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Clement J. Crusoe, S.J. Principal 1954 - 1956
Clement J. Crusoe, S.J. succeeded Scott, and remained for two years until 1956.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High…

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Eric R. Maclean, S.J. Principal Jan. 1976 - July 1981
Shortly after becoming principal in 1976, Maclean began planning a gymnasium. The Parents’ Association was to help raise money for the new gymnasium. The remainder of the money would come from…
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