Thomas Joseph MacMahon, S.J.


Thomas Joseph MacMahon, S.J.


Jesuits at Loyola


Thomas J. MacMahon, S.J., Vice Rector August 9, 1930 – July 15, 1935
All the great confidence in the future evaporated with The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929. Thomas MacMahon was again called upon to lead Loyola, this time as Vice Rector. The Great Depression of the 30’s quickly became a very different story from the success of the 1920’s. They were among the hardest times for the school. MacMahon struggled to keep Loyola’s finances from collapsing. Fortunately, due to an inheritance of Francis C. Smith, S.J., the son of a wealthy Montreal family, McMahon was able to build a new chapel and auditorium/theatre at Loyola. The St. Ignatius Loyola College Chapel, completed in 1933 and beneath the chapel, the F.C. Smith Auditorium.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High School, 2012

Inscribed verso, handwritten: Fr. T. J. MacMahon S.J. / 1915
Photographic print, b & w, studio portrait
Photographer unknown

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada


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The Archives of the Jesuits in Canada




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