Eric R. Maclean, S.J.


Eric R. Maclean, S.J.


Presidents of Loyola High School 1980 –


Eric R. Maclean, S.J. President 1997 - 2007
Once back at Loyola, Eric Maclean, S.J. began to dream again, not of a new school, but this time of additions to it. In 2003 he organized a capital fund-raising campaign, “Reaching New Heights.” With the help of the Board of Governors and many others, several million dollars was raised. In 2005 he opened a beautiful theatre, a new wing with classrooms, along with a magnificent atrium (the Bishops’ Atrium).
In February 2007, he died suddenly of a heart attack. The theatre was named in his honour: The Eric Maclean, S.J. Centre for the Performing Arts.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High School, 2012


Photo: Loyola Archives circa 2005


1997 - 2007


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