Robert C. Brennan, S.J.


Robert C. Brennan, S.J.


Presidents of Loyola High School 1980 –


Robert C. Brennan, S.J. Acting President 2007 - 2007, President 2007 - 2010
Rob Brennan, S.J. had the difficult task of dealing with the introduction in 2008 by the Quebec Government of its Ethics and Religious Culture program. In March, 2008 Loyola applied for an exemption from the ERC (Ethics and Religion Course) asking that the Minister allow the school to teach all of the content and goals of the Government Program using a structure and methodology that was more in keeping with its Jesuit and Catholic identity. The Minister refused stating that the competencies, content and goals of the program could not be taught according to ministerial expectations in a Catholic (ie. confessional) context.
Unable to engage in a dialogue with the Minister, Loyola took the matter to the Quebec Superior Court. From June 8th to 12th, 2009 Loyola High School was in court to argue for an exemption. On June 18, 2010 the Superior Court concluded that the decision to refuse Loyola’s request was invalid because it assumed that a confessional program could not achieve the goals proposed by the Ministry program. The judgment permitted Loyola to teach its own version of the ERC course.



Photo: Loyola Archives 2008


2007 - 2010


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