Kevin Joseph Scott, S.J.


Kevin Joseph Scott, S.J.


Principals of Loyola High School 1945 -


Kevin J. Scott, S.J. Principal 1949 - 1954
When Kevin J. Scott, S.J. became principal, little changed during the subsequent years, not least because, given the lack of space in the cramped Junior Building, the number of students had to stay at about the same level as it had been since the war at about 575.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High School, 2012

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Photographer: Gerald Campbell

Source for photo file field: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada


Photo: The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada


1949 - 1954


Gerald Campbell / The Archive of the Jesuits in Canada
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“Kevin Joseph Scott, S.J. ,” Loyola Archives, accessed September 22, 2018,

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