Kenneth Casey, S.J.


Kenneth Casey, S.J.


Principals of Loyola High School 1945 -


Kenneth Casey, S.J. Principal 1956 - 1975
Kenneth Casey’s years in office turned out to be among the most transitional in the history of the school. As the school moved from the early 1960s into the mid-1970s, from boarding school to day school in 1961, from classical humanistic training – a remnant of the Cours Classique programme - to an increased emphasis on mathematics and sciences, and from a predominately Jesuit staff to the hiring of more lay teachers, and even female teachers, enormous changes were occurring everywhere. In the midst of the Second Vatican Council, the Quiet Revolution in Quebec and the rise of Separatism, with Casey in control, Loyola High School remained a never-failing constant, a symbol of English-speaking Catholic Montreal, steady, secure, strong, and deeply committed to its Jesuit educational principles and to its Catholic faith.

Source for text field: Gavin, Joseph B. From “Le petit collège de bois” to 7272 Sherbrooke West. Montreal: Loyola High School, 2012


Photo: Loyola Archives circa 1956


1956 - 1975


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“Kenneth Casey, S.J.,” Loyola Archives, accessed September 22, 2018,

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