Lieutenant Francis Clarence McGee


Lieutenant Francis Clarence McGee


Lieutenant Francis Clarence McGee, 21st Battalion, killed September 16, 1916
Frank McGee was at St. Mary’s College in the English Course, about twenty years ago (1896). We are proud to include him among our fallen heroes. (Loyola College Review 1916 17)
Lieutenant Francis Clarence McGee was 33 years old and blind in one eye when he was killed in action while serving with the 21st Battalion at Courcelette on 16 September 1916. His name appears on Section M of the Vimy Memorial, Part V. McGee was a member of Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame having established unbreakable scoring records while playing centre and rover for the Ottawa Silver Seven. He scored 63 goals in 22 Stanley Cup games between 1903 and 1906. He scored 5 goals on 7 separate occasions, 8 against Montreal on March 3rd, 1906 and 14 against Dawson City on January 16, 1905. All of this despite the loss of one eye prior to his playing days with Ottawa. (Drolet 9)


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