Lieutenant Wilfred Charles Percy Sullivan


Lieutenant Wilfred Charles Percy Sullivan


Lieutenant Wilfred Charles Percy Sullivan, 43rd Battalion, Canadian Highlanders, killed October 8, 1916
Wilfred Sullivan was a member of the English Course at St. Mary’s before Loyola was founded. He left in 1898, and resided for some time in San Francisco. He afterwards studied law in Prince Edward Island, and later, practiced his profession in Vancouver, whence he went to Central America as a representative of a British firm. He was in England at the outbreak of the war, and obtained a commission in the 7th Dorsets, and was subsequently transferred to the 43rd Canadian Highlanders. (Loyola College Review 1917 36)
Lieutenant William Charles Percy Sullivan, who was attached to the 43rd Battalion fell in action on 8 October 1916 at Courcelette. He was the son of Sir William and Lady Sullivan and the brother of Captain Arthur Sullivan (Old Loyola 1896). Lieutenant Sullivan (not Captain as the Loyola Memorial Tablet has it) is commemorated in Section S of Part VII of the Vimy Memorial. (Drolet 11)


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