Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy


Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy


Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy, Cadet Wing Royal Air Force, died October 11, 1918

Paul S. Conroy was the son of Mr. T. Conroy and Mrs. Conroy, (nee Mary A. Smith) of 48 St. Louis Square, Montreal. He came to Loyola in 1900 and graduated with the degree of B.A. in 1910. Paul was a brilliant student and one of the youngest graduates who passed through Loyola. Popular with the faculty and boys alike, he was ever ready to be called upon in all school activities to uphold the honour of his college. But his popularity in college was only a prelude to the high esteem in which he was to be held later on by the Irish population of Montreal.
After leaving Loyola he went to McGill, made a successful study of law and in a short time had built up for himself a prosperous business. Business was never so urgent that Paul could not find time to work for the interests of Irish Catholic activities and was one of the most energetic workers in the S.A.A.A., coming to the breach when the services of such a one were sorely needed. His work was ever characteristic of his unselfish nature, always devoid of personal interest.
The voices of his many Loyola friends calling to him from the battlefields of France were too strong for him and he sacrificed all to don the khaki in the R.F.C.
His memory will ever be an inspiration to future graduates for in all things he placed his religion first and foremost. When in College he was a fervent Sodalist and was rarely known to miss the Saturday morning meeting when the Sodalists convoke to honour Mother Mary.
Later in life, when a prosperous notary, his weekly confession was for him a sacred duty. His last visit before leaving for camp was to his Jesuit professor at Loyola, whose blessing he humbly requested. (Loyola College Review 1919 40)

Cadet Paul Servillion Conroy had been discharged from the army, transferred to the RAF and was in training at the time of his death, aged 27. He was with the Cadet Wing of the Royal Air Force and died at Camp Mohawk on 11 October 1918. (Drolet 20)


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1914 - 1918




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