Ernest Thomas Conroy


Ernest Thomas Conroy


Ernest Thomas Conroy, 42nd Wing, Royal Air Force, died October 12, 1918

Thomas Emmet Conroy, fourth son of Mr. Thomas Conroy and Mary A. Smith, was born at Montreal, 27th October, 1895.
In 1906 he entered Loyola College where he pursued his studies with marked success for five years and afterwards took up the study of architectural drawing and contracting work. He had a splendid career ahead of him which would have reflected honour on his family and his Alma Mater.
Like his brother Paul, Emmet was a hearty supporter of the Shamrock A.A.A. and played basketball for it, winning two championships.
In October, 1917, he enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps, spending the winter in Fort Worth, Texas. He returned to Camp Mohawk in April and died on October 12, 1918, after an illness of two weeks, following an attack of influenza and pneumonia. He had the consolation of seeing his father and mother before death, and his mother was with him until he breathed his last, fortified by the rites of Holy Mother Church. He passed away only a few hours before his brother Paul, who also died of double pneumonia. (Loyola College Review 1919 44)

Airman Third Class Ernest Thomas Conroy of the 42nd Wing, Royal Air Force passed away at Camp Mohawk. The Loyola college review names this man as Emmet but the Imperial War Graves Commission has him registered as Ernest. Both brothers are buried in Plot 459 (S.H.) of the Montreal (Notre Dames des Neiges) Cemetery. (Drolet 20)


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