Commemoration: Private Léo LeBoutillier


Commemoration: Private Léo LeBoutillier


Léo Belleau LeBoutillier (Loyola 1911) of the 24th Battalion, died on April 18th, 1917. His medals, earned in WW1, were donated to Loyola High School by a family member. They are displayed with his photo in the Tower of Merit of Loyola High School.
Top left, medals:
The Distinguished Conduct Medal
Instituted in 1854, “as a mark of the Sovereign’s sense of the distinguished service and gallant conduct in the field…”; second only to the Victoria Cross for non-commissioned ranks (Army). Reverse of medal reads: “For distinguished conduct in the field”.

The 1914-15 Star
Awarded to those who were in action between 5th August 1914 and 31st December 1915

The British War Medal
Awarded to those who served in the armed forces of the Empire between 1914 – 1920, for any length of time, provided it was outside the United Kingdom. Combat was not a requisite but those who fought all received it.

The Allied Victory Medal 1914 – 1918
Awarded to anyone having served in any theatre of operations between midnight 4/5 August 1914, and midnight 11/12 November 1918.
Top Center:
Notice of Award
Victory Medal was sent at the end of the conflict to next-of-kin. This is the announcement of the award to Pte. LeBoutillier.

Top, right:
Royal Message of Sympathy
Sent on behalf of King George V to the fallen’s next-of-kin.

Middle, left:
Announcement of Memorial Plaque

Middle, center:
Photo, 65553 Private L. B. LeBoutillier DCM

Bottom, left:
Memorial Plaque
Distributed in commemoration of each man who died in service.

Bottom, center:
Silver Cross
Distributed with violet ribbon to the mother of the fallen serviceman. This is Mrs. LeBoutillier’s Silver Cross.

Bottom, right:
Identification Disc
Two were issued to each serviceman. One would be returned to next-of-kin in the event of death; the other is/would be buried with the body.


Loyola High School Archives




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“Commemoration: Private Léo LeBoutillier,” Loyola Archives, accessed September 20, 2018,

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