Fabian Richard Dawson


Fabian Richard Dawson


Sergeant Air Gunner, died 23 April 1944
Fabian Richard Dawson was born on April 15, 1924. At 2.38 p.m. on the 23rd of April 1944 he lost his life during flying operations ten miles Southwest of the Hamlet of Harrogate in Yorkshire, England, and was buried four days later in the morning in the R.A.F. regional Cemetery at Harrogate. Between the lines of this stern official epitaph granted him by the Air Force a wealth of memories must linger for those who knew him. In the spring of 1938 Richie Dawson entered First High and caught almost at once the Loyola spirit. The Review of '39 tells us that "his achievements in Bantam Football and Hockey are surpassed only by his Monday morning smile." He never lost that smile. Nor did he lose the spirit when he left Loyola to offer his services and eventually his life for the principle that men are created free and equal and must remain so, for he was among the top ten in a class of 400 to graduate from Mont Joli Gunnery School. Above all he was a real Catholic—what greater epitaph could be pronounced. In one of his last letters he told of serving Mass and receiving Holy Communion on Easter Sunday and confided to Phil Ready, his life-long friend, that, his one hope was that God would take him in the state of sanctifying grace. Our hearts go out in sympathy to the Dawson family for we know full well what a loss is theirs. R.I.P.
(Loyola College Review 1944 5)

Back in England on 23 April 1944, R202351 Sergeant Air Gunner Fabian Richard Dawson was one of the entire crew of a Halifax bomber of 1659 Heavy Conversion Unit killed when the aircraft crashed while doing circuits and landings by day. Dawson had placed among the top 10 of the Mont Joli Gunnery School in a class of 400. He is buried in Section B, Row A, Grave 17 of the Harrogate (Wetherby Road or Stonefall) Cemetery in Yorkshire.
(Drolet 29 30)


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Loyola College Review




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