Basil William Hales Hingston, Jr.


Basil William Hales Hingston, Jr.


Captain, died 19 September 1944
As Operation "Market Garden" was raging at Arnhem, a young Canadian captain, whose father had been killed in the First World War, was killed in action while serving as a Canloan officer with the British Army. Barely three years old when his father died, Basil William Hales Hingston Jr. was 29 at the time of his death. Originally a member of the Victoria Rifles of Canada, Captain Hingston had been assigned Canloan number CDN/535. He was attached to the 2nd (Airborne) Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment and had parachuted into the maelstrom of Arnhem the day before he was killed. He is interred in Plot 23, Section A, Grave 5 of the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery.
(Drolet 32)


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