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1848_Le Petit College_st Alexander.jpg
On September 20, 1848, a Jesuit Collège opened on the east side of the new St. Patrick’s Church, between rue Saint-Alexandre and rue de Bleury and below the future St. Mary’s College. It was a temporary run down structure that also served as the…

1865_eglise de gesu_college ste marie.jpg
The Église du Gesὺ takes its name from the church in Rome in which St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, is buried. Built in 1865 by Irish Architect, Patrick Kelly, it is one of the oldest churches in Montreal. Adjacent to the church is Les…

1889_circa class college ste marie.jpg
A class of students at Collège Sainte-Marie, St. Mary’s College. The College continued to draw students from Montreal and the United States.

1893_college ste marie.jpg
Located at 140 rue de Bleury, Collège Sainte-Marie was founded by the Jesuits in 1848. It had an English sector (St. Mary’s College) that in 1895 separated to become Loyola College.

1896_Loyola College St Cathrine St_logo.jpg
Address Card of Loyola College, 2084 St. Catherine St.
The English sector of St. Mary’s College separates and moves into the old Sacred Heart Convent at 2084 St. Catherine, St. on the south-east corner of St. Catherine St. and de Bleury. It becomes…

1898-1915_68 Drummond st.jpg
Due to increasing enrollment, in 1898 Loyola moves from 2084 St. Catherine Street to 68 Drummond Street in the former Tucker School, where they will remain until 1915.

1898-1915_68 Drummond St_chapel.jpg
The Loyola College Chapel on Drummond Street.

1898_boarders return card.jpg
Letter to parents, Dec. 30, 1898 regarding information concerning the boarders' return to the College after the Christmas break. Students are to return on the evening of Saturday, January the seventh, 1899.
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